You Have People!

When you join New York Council of Administrators of Special Education, you join people who work for you: professionals who work on behalf of students with disabilities. 

NYCASE members are:


NYCASE is a respected organization that represents you through a close working relationship with representatives from:

  • The New York State Education Department
  • The New York Council of School Superintendents
  • The School Boards Association
  • The Big Five School Districts
  • The New York State Board of Directors

What do you get:

Advocacy & Professional Development
  • NYCASE takes very strong advocacy positions to ensure that the rights of students are protected.
  • NYCASE members receive regular newsletters with updated legislative news.
  • NYCASE’s voice is heard in educational policy and regulations development through Public Comment submissions made on members’ behalf by the Board of Directors.
  • NYCASE maintains an active and current website that offers news, legislative/policy updates, resources and professional connections, and access to members-only information and discussion forums.
  • NYCASE hosts a renowned yearly Summer Institute with speakers and authors from across the country and workshops presenting on timely issues and effective professional practices.
  • NYCASE members get reduced rates for the conference. 
  • NYCASE maintains collegial contacts that add to members’ professional growth and experience.
  • NYCASE participates in statewide surveys to formulate positions on issues facing professionals who provide services to students with disabilities.
  • NYCASE provides representation at state level meetings with the State Education Department officials on potential changes to legislation, regulations and/or guidance documents.
  • NYCASE offers unlimited opportunities for networking and peer support.
  • NYCASE members have the opportunity to serve on the NYCASE Board of Directors as a regional representative to enhance development of quality services for students with disabilities.
  • NYCASE members can participate in or host regional membership discussion groups, known as “roundtable”, in which members remain current on special education issues and receive peer support in managing changes   and challenges.
  • NYCASE members foster special education leadership and keep the spotlight on critical issues.
  • NYCASE maintains affiliations with other professionally-linked organizations.
That’s why when you join NYCASE you can say, I Have People!




When you join NYCASE, you join people who work for you: professionals who work on behalf . . .

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