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  • Summer Institute 2015 Open or Close

    Leadership in Times of Change

    Building Capacity and Creating Opportunities for All

    Keynote: Building the Context of Excellence for All, Some and Few: using RTI and MTSS to Develop a Sustainable, Coherent System of Services

    Stevan J. Kukic, Ph.D., Director School Transformation, National Center for Learning Disabilities.

    Special Session I: You Be the Judge

    Jay Worona, Esq., Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel New York State School Boards Association
    Karen Norlander, Esq., Counsel to CNYSEA and special counsel to Girvin & Ferlazzo, PC 

Keynote: Leading in a Strange New World: The Changing Role of Special Education Administrators

    Carol Kosnitsky, M. Ed., consultant and author of IEP Goals That Make a Difference; An Administrator's Guide to Improving the Process

    Keynote: Engaging Students & Improving Behavior

    Dr. Kevin Feldman, Emeritus Director of Reading and Intervention with the Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE).

    Special Session II: State and Federal Policy Updates 

    James P. DeLorenzo, NYSED Assistant Commissioner, Office of Special Education and Michael Yudin, USDE Assistant Secretary Department of Education

Keynote: Smiling Through Inclusion Mandates & Initiatives

    Toby J. Karten, staff developer, instructional coach, educational consultant, author, adjunct professor, and inclusion specialist

  • Summer Institute 2014 Open or Close

    Staying the Course

    Maintaining Focus While Meeting Our Expansive Responsibilities
    Keynote: What Really Matters for Struggling Readers?
    Dr. Richard Allington, Professor of Education, University of Tennessee, and Learning Disabilities Specialist, past president of the National Reading Conference and the International Reading Association
    Keynote II: What does it take to be a Special Educator in the 21st Century?  What does it take for Our Students?
    Ashli Skura-Dreher, 2014 New York State Teacher of the Year
    Keynote III: Paula Kluth: Don't We Already Do Inclusion? 
    Dr. Paula Kluth, consultant, speaker, author, and researcher
    Keynote IV: Self-Harm The Coping Strategy of Our Youth in the 21st Century. How Should Schools Respond?

    Alec L. Miller, Doctor of Psychology and Co-Founder of Cognitive and Behavioral Consultants, LLP 

    Special Session - John B. King Jr.

    New York State Education Commissioner

    Keynote V: A Juggling Act: Staying the Course, Re-Inventing Ourselves, Maintaining Focus and Getting the Job Done! Just another Day in the Life of a Sped Admin!
  • Summer Institute 2013 Open or Close

    From Frazzled to Focused  

    Supporting Each Other & Those Who Need Us 
    Keynote: What Is the Focus of Common Core and How Does It Impact Instruction and Practice in Classrooms?
    Dr. Vicky Gibson, national educational consultant, author and speaker
    Keynote: Keeping Your Frontal Lobe When All about You Is……. 
    George McCloskey, Ph.D., Professor and Director of School Psychology Research, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine; & consultant
    Keynote: Cross Systems Partnerships & Wraparound Approach
    Michael Orth, Second Deputy Commissioner, Westchester County Department of Mental Health
    Keynote: Managing Multiple Priorities
    Alec L. Miller, PsyD., author, trainer and clinician; Co-Founder of Cognitive and Behavioral Consultants of Westchester
    Special Session I: NYSED Update
    James P. DeLorenzo, Assistant Commissioner of the New York State Office of Special Education 
  • Summer Institute 2012 Open or Close

    Effective and Efficient Education:

    Developing, Delivering and Defending Appropriate Services

    The Future of Reform in New York

    Keynote: Extending the Reach of Tier One: Ensuring the Literate Engagement of EVERY Student- EVERY Lesson!

    Dr. Kevin Feldman, Director of Reading and Early Intervention, Sonoma County Office of Education, California

    Keynote: Florida Statewide Problem-Solving/Response to Intervention Project

    Dr. George M. Batsche, Professor and Co-Director of the Institute for School Reform, University of South Florida 

    Keynote: Changing Opportunities-Changing Lives

    Dr. Jenifer Severson, Learning Senior Consultant

    Keynote: Assessing Effective Teaching Practices

    Dr. Charlotte Danielson, President and Owner of the Danielson Group

  • Summer Institute 2011 Open or Close

    Educating Students with Disabilities through IDEA

    35 Years of Progress

    Keynote: The Future of Special Education - A National Perspective

    Robert H. Pasternack, Ph.D., Former Assistant Secretary for Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, U.S. Department of Education  

    Keynote: Don’t Doubt the Dream

    Jerry Mills, Internationally Acclaimed Keynote Speaker, Motivational Trainer, Singer/Songwriter and Educational Innovator

    Keynote: Common Core Standards and the Impact on Special Education

    Patricia Drake, Ph.D., International Center on Leadership in Education

    Keynote: Moving from Highly Qualified to Effective Special Education Teachers: What Are We Aiming for?  

    Mary T. Brownell, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Special Education, Co-Director, Center for Personnel Studies in Special Education, University of Florida  

  • Spring Institute 2011 Open or Close

    Racing to Raise Students with Disabilities to the Top

    Keynote: The Current State of the Laws, Regulations and Court Cases Affecting the Race to the Top
    Jay Worona, Esq., Chief Counsel, New York State School Boards Association
    Keynote: Brain Based Learning: Reading Research to Practical Application
    Ted S. Hasselbring, E.D., Research Professor, Vanderbilt Peabody College, International Author and Lecturer
    Keynote: A Global Vision, the National Perspective, and Your Reality!
    Luann Purcell, Ed.D., Executive Director, International Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE)
  • Summer Institute 2010 Open or Close

    Sustaining Excellence in Challenging Times

    Keynote: Dealing with Stress Before it Deals with You

    Anne Bryan Smollin, Ph.D., CSJ International Author and Lecturer

    Keynote: Structuring Your RTI System for Fidelity of Implementation

    Dr. Kathryn Klingler Tackett, National Center for Response to Intervention

  • Spring Institute 2010 Open or Close

    Twenty-First Century Skills - Twenty-First Century Citizenship

    Racing to the Top

    Keynote: Raising the Quality of Education and Special Education in New York

    Dr, David M. Steiner, Commissioner of Education, President of the University of the State of New York

    Dr. Rebecca Cort, Deputy Commissioner, NYSED-VESID 

  • Summer Institute 2009 Open or Close

    Quality Special Education in Fiscally Challenging Times

    Keynote: Visioning Our Future: Practical Solutions in Technology and Collaboration for Teacher and Student Learning

    Lisa Dieker, Associate Professor, University of Central Florida

    Keynote: New Legal Issues Facing School Administrators

    Jay Worona, Esq., General Counsel, New York State School Boards Association

  • Spring Institute 2009 Open or Close

    Creating Learning Communities to Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century

    Keynote: Creating Learning Communities in Fiscally Challenging Times – A Regents’ View    

    Regent Joseph Bowman, State University of New York State 

    Keynote: Controlling Your Emotions and Behavior Regardless of How Disagreeably Others Treat You

    John W. Maag, Ph.D., Professor in Special Education and Communication Disorders, University of Nebraska


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