Executive Committee Board Members commit to actively participate in the mission of NYCASE and work on committees as designated. The Executive Committee meets 6 times a year, 5 plus Summer Institute. In addition, the Executive Committee encourages NYCASE members to participate as ex-officio members on the various committees of the Board.
Professional Development Committee organizes training programs including the summer institute, virtual conferences and co-sponsored events. The offering of regionally based, issue oriented one-day drive in conferences is available based on identified need. 
Dr Heidi McCarthy, hemccarthy@ccsd.ws
Dr Selena Fischer, fischerselena@gmail.com
Michael Lucow, mlucow@pioneer.csd.org
Jill Cheney-Bovee, cheney-boveej@corinthcsd.org
Dr.Linda Widomski, lwidomski@nycase.org
Legislative Committee works on behalf of the membership with the State Education Department and legislature to ensure that effective and appropriate services are made available on behalf of students with disabilities.  The committee works closely with representatives of the New York Council of School Superintendents, School Boards Association, and the Big Five School Districts to coordinate legislative priorities and advise the membership of pending legislation, regulations and best practices.
Michael Lucow, mlucow@pioneercsd.org
Ora PerkinsOra.Perkins@doccs,ny.gov
Karen Kushnir, kkushnir@byramhills.org
Dr.Holly Manaseri,  holly.manaseri@cortland.edu
           Rochelle Sarikey, rsarikey@catskillcsd.org

Website Development Committee maintains the nycase.org web site with up-to-date membership and professional information. The committee reviews and recommends to the Executive Committee web site enhancements and improvements. They are also responsible for periodic informational updates.
Membership Committee is responsible for increasing membership through mailings and advertisements. The committee also recommends ways to manage mailing lists and registrations for conferences.
Dr.Holly Manaseri, holly.manaseri@cortland.edu 
Margaret Schlegel, mschlegel@tbafcs.org
Dr. Mary Pauly, mcpauly@buffaloschools.org
Betty Early-Slavinski,  bearlydcseagles.org 
Kathy Kiefferskiefferk@sgfcsd.org
Dr. Linda Widomski, lwidomski@nycase.org


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