Monday, July 17


Specialized Reading Instruction for Students At Risk for Dyslexia

Download Burns Keynote I

Evidence Based Technological Interventions for Students with Dyslexia

Download Burns Session A


Best Practices in Implementing Integrated Models of RtI: An Advanced Forum for Special Education Administrators

Download McDougal Session B


Machine Learning and Growth Mindset: Concept to Classroom

Download Long Session C

Download Long Brain Points

Brickel/Lequia/ Levine

Rethinking IEP Goals: Involving Students in the Process

Download Brickel/Lequia/Levine Session D


Growth Mindset : IEP Goals and Progress Monitoring

Download Kosnitsky Session E


Tuesday, July 18


Mission Critical-Growing Minds: Ours, Yours and Theirs: The Future of Education- A National Perspective

Download Purcell Keynote III

Download Purcell Keynote III Important Links


Dyslexia and Other Specific Learning Disabilities:  Understanding Legal and Practical Considerations

Download McGinnis Session I


On-Site to Online: The Impact of Teletherapy on Related Services

Download Flynn/Lively/DeCarlo/Kieffer Session J


Helping Children Put Their Best Foot Forward Academically and Socially

Download Johnston Keynote IV


Wednesday, July 19


Preventing and Remediating Reading Difficulties

Download Scanlon Keynote V


You Be the Judge!

Download Norlander/Worona Session I


When you join NYCASE, you join people who work for you: professionals who work on behalf . . .

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