The New York Council of Administrators of Special Education (NYCASE) has a rich history based on the merger of two statewide organizations, Association of Special Education Administrators (ASEA) and Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE). NYCASE is committed to being a membership organization that represents the needs and interests of Special Education Administrators in the provision of appropriate, cost-effective and efficient, services to students with disabilities. In order to accomplish this, NYCASE has developed a Strategic Plan that includes efforts to build regional representation that encompasses the entire state and a communication mechanism that allows for rapid dissemination and response to issues facing all educators.

NYCASE has initiated steps to identify special education administrators who actively represent the needs of their colleagues in providing services to students with disabilities in their region. The Strategic Plan calls for the realignment of statewide membership representation and solicitation of new committee members.


When you join NYCASE, you join people who work for you: professionals who work on behalf . . .

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