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CASE IDEA Reauthorization Recommendation Survey

Dear CASE Membership,

As the Policy and Legislative Committee finalizes our IDEA Reauthorization Recommendations to be ready should a reauthorization of the legislation be prompted by Congress, we wanted to reach out
and get your opinion.

Below please note your level of agreement or disagreement with the following recommendations and provide any comments about the reasons for your rating. This will help our committee consider your opinions in our final decisions about what CASE will or will not recommend.

Thank you for your time,
Erin Maguire, Chair of the Policy and Legislative Committee

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New York State Education Department
ELA and Math Standards Survey

As most of you know the New York State Education Department is asking school board members, educators and other members of the public to comment on a revised set of state math and English language arts standards proposed to replace the Common Core standards adopted six years ago for New York students. There are two surveys posted on the website along with the proposed standards. The deadline for the completion of the two surveys is
June 2nd.
Click here to access the AIM High NY website.


The Special Education Administrator according to National CASE:

  • Makes serving and supporting exceptional children and their parents the primary responsibility;

  • Strives to be proficient in current professional practice;
  • Supports study and research guided by the conventions of scholarly inquire;
  • Respects the privacy of students and parents and holds as confidential information in accordance with State/Provincial and Federal laws;
  • Regards colleagues, parents and students with respect, courtesy, fairness, and good faith;
  • Upholds and advances the values, ethics knowledge and mission of the profession;
  • Fosters and supports maximum self-determination and independence on the part of exceptional children;
  • Utilizes impartial professional judgment in evaluating the needs of exceptional children and their parents;
  • Accepts the responsibility to provide meaningful training experiences to colleagues, general educators, and the public;
  • Promotes the general welfare of exceptional children.



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